The same tactics applied to farming early game do not apply to late game in the same way.

Late game farming takes into account Church blessings and Capital Items which completely change the game.

Whats so different?

Late game farming is all about synergy - that is - stacking beneficial effects to maximize their effectiveness as a whole. There is only a small "blessing window" for sending out attacks (depends on church level) that benefit from church blessings, and poisons add an extra costs to farming which is important to try and nullify.

What should i be stacking?

Ideally, you should be having the following beneficial effects running every camp that you hit, however in practicality this is not possible as it would simply cost too much gold.

  • Spoils of War blessing
    • This is important as it can help cancel out the extra cost in terms of resources when using poisons.
  • Good Luck blessing*
    • In my opinion this is an optional blessing, and i dont personally use it all the time. I feel its too expensive to run all the time and the benefits are not worth it.
  • Emergency Retreat blessing
    • This is essential for farming - it will literally cut your travel time in half, allowing you to farm 2x the amount of camps in the same "blessing window".
  • Guardian Angel blessing
    • 20% less losses on every attack. What can i say? This is the bomb. However it is also very expensive. Be prudent with its use, only use it when you have a bunch of high level camps lined up to attack and always in conjuction with emergency retreat so you will double the rate you can attack.

Make sure you max your attacking technologies at a very high priority as well. They will add a permanent boost to casualty reduction.

Building Priorities

This section assumes that Warehouse and Barracks have been completed (possibly also Magic Academy depending on your preferences).

  • Church
  • Academy
  • Market (for transporting ever larger amounts of resources to other cities).

Effective use of Poisons

You dont need to use a poison for every camp you hit. Some are simply too small to bother with. You will need to decide how low before you think its no longer worth bothering, it depends on your play style. But this is the general rule that works for me. If you disagree please let me know.

  • Level 10 - use level 3 poison.
  • Level 9 - use level 3 poison.
  • Level 8 - use level 3 poison.
  • Level 7 - use level 2 poison.
  • Level 6 - use level 2 poison.
  • Level 5 - use level 1 poison.