Capital items are an essential part of mid-late game farming cycles.

You can use an item in the screen that allows you to choose which troops you wish to send in an attack. There will be a yellow "?" question mark symbol towards the bottom of the page. Click this symbol and it will ask you which item you want to choose.

There are three types of capital items:

Weak Poisons

Poisons are items that reduce the defending army level of an NPC camp or village. The amount of resources plundered from a camp or village remains the same.

For example attacking a level 10 camp using a level 3 poison will reduce the defending army of the camp to that of a level 7 camp.

This reduces casualties significantly and allows armies much smaller to be able to tackle a level 10 camp.

To see exact numbers please see the Camps page. Remmeber to look up the required army for a camp 3 levels below the level you are attacking when using a level 3 poison.

  1. Poison lvl 1 - Reduces defending army by 1 level.
  2. Poison lvl 2 - Reduces defending army by 2 levels.
  3. Poison lvl 3 - Reduces defending army by 3 levels.


Backpacks are items that will increase the amount of resources plundered from a camp only. The amount in which the plundered resources are increased depends on the level of the backpack used:

  1. Backpack lvl 1 - Increases loot plundered by 10%.
  2. Backpack lvl 2 - Increases loot plundered by 20%.
  3. Backpack lvl 3 - Increases loot plundered by 30%.


Bacon will reduce the travel time of any attack by a certain percentage.

  1. Bacon lvl 1 - Reduce travel time by 10%.
  2. Bacon lvl 2 - Reduce travel time by 20%.
  3. Bacon lvl 3 - Reduce travel time by 30%.