Selling twice of maximum
  • Market
  • Market => Sell
  • Market => My Goods

By using some tricks, we can sell over the limit in the market.
Note: This applies to the market of main city only. The markets in other cities may or may not be used this trick.
When your market limit is (let's say 450,000):

  •  1st time,  you sell only half (or any amount) by typing into the text box. (Let's say 200,000)
  • Then you will see "Sold = 200,000" and "For sale = 250,000".
  • 2nd time, sell all the balance, by dragging or typing, both way works this time. (250,000 this time).
  • Then you will see the sold amount dropped to zero because of some application bug.
  • 3rd time, you sell all to maximum limit again. (450,000 this time)
  • Then you will see (Sold = 900,000) and (For sale = -450,000).

Now, You will see you can sell twice of the max. Market limit (900,000). And in the "My Goods" tab, you will see all 3 batches that you sold.

Have fun!