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The Wishing Well is a building which give you free wishes each day, and 3 paid (with gems) wishes each day.

The number of wishes you recieve each day increases as you log on consecutive days over time. If you do not log on for over 24hrs your wishes will reset to 0.

Consecutive days:

  • 1 day - 1 wish
  • 3 days - 2 wishes
  • 7 days - 3 wishes
  • 30 days - 4 wishes
  • 60 days - 5 wishes

It is important to log in every day so that your wishes do not reset. The more wishes you have the more chance you have of getting really important items such as gems, divide resources, war orders, craftsman contracts etc.

It is suggested that you always keep a minimum of 3 gems on your account if possible to use each day in the wishing well. This is will further increase your chances.